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Photo Credit: Teri Perretta, Dairyland Snowmobile Club

Benefits to Your Club

Are you a member club with us? We promote your club in the map and app, we promote your club events in the map, app and our regular email blasts, we provide you with a free trail conditions reporting tool. We will add your local trails to gas and food stops. And we profit share with you in the spring and new for 2017, in the fall as well. Please contact us for more information.

Does your club need a new website? We offer our member clubs a 10% discount on CMS template websites. You can maintain all the content easily, including photos and links. It’s like editing a Word document. We can host for you, or you can keep your current host service. Call Linda at 315-624-9545 or email to discuss your needs. Basic websites can be done within three weeks of approval. A more sophisticated site, like the St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association website, will take longer.

Do you want to post trail conditions in only one place, yet have them show up in both your website and Facebook feed? We can help with that. There are a few ways to approach this, from the simple to the more complex.