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Covered Bridge Challenge Bridges

NYSnowmobileWebMap presents the 2nd Annual Covered Bridge Challenge

Once again, riders are challenged to brave the elements and either ride or trailer to five Covered Bridges found on two routes spanning the eastern and western sides of New York State!

Receive your 2016-7 Winner's Decal by riding across each of the 5 bridges on either route, posting a selfie of you, your sled and the bridge you have just crossed. Submit your photo here (until the trails open, you can view the dozens of photos submitted by last season's entrants!)

This year, we have even included a "Wildcard" location, which you can use to customize your experience.

Covered Bridge Challenge Decal

We have several ways for you to plan out the route:

  1. Download the brochure
  2. Go to our interactive map, click on PUBLIC ROUTES. 
    You can then both print off each route, using the printer icon under helpful tools.
  3. Download our FREE PHONE APP - which will have both routes embedded in the app for this season. Way Cool!

Covered Bridge Challenge Western Route

Covered Bridge Challenge Eastern Route

Don't miss riding through the only tunnel on the route (it is covered by water/or ice, depending on the weather). Located in Orleans County, it qualified for being the coolest tunnel found on the trails in NY. Why? Because Ripley's Believe It Or Not lists it as being the ONLY tunnel going UNDER the Erie Canal. We rode along the edge of the canal last year to try to complete this challenge: trust us - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!

Covered Bridge Challenge Ribbon Cutting

And friends, although we do not require you to ride the entire route, we encourage you to try!


Even more importantly, however, we suggest you travel to each spot when a local club is hosting a particular event, and linger at some of the favorite haunts of local riders. Last year, several covered bridge challengers attended the Old Forge Fun Ride, organized independently by a group of avid local riders.

Each page of our Covered Bridge Challenge website shares oodles of juicy information about each location. Check it out at

The 1st annual Old Forge Family Fun Ride

Old Forge Family Fun Ride 2016

Photo by Kurt Gardner Photography

Check for other events listed in the phone app when planning for or riding the Covered Bridge Challenge!

One of our gas sponsors, Nice 'n Easy, has made five fifty dollar gas certificates available to the first riders to have ridden through 5 of the 12 bridges on the route- WE WILL LET YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE WON once you post your photos!  We encourage you to support the sponsors who have helped make this event possible this season!

Linger Longer at Each Location!

Find great lodging, dining and area attractions,
and lots of fun facts about each bridge

Western Branch
  • 1 - Cuba Driftbusters' Bridge
  • 2 - Lodge at Hidden Valley
  • 3 - Culvert Road Tunnel
  • 4 - Model Railroad Bridge
  • 5 - Ellery Sno Cruisers Bridge
  • Wildcard - The "Kelly" Bridge
Eastern Branch
  • 1 - Hamden Hill Bridge
  • 2 - Deerfield/Hajdasz Bridge
  • 3 - Lost Trail/Boonville
  • 4 - Oswego/Square Valley
  • 5 - Van Camp Bridge
  • Wildcard - Old Forge/Webb Bridge